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Aaron Salles Torres

Aaron Salles Torres is an administrator for the I-M253, I-M223, and the Iberian I1 haplogroup projects as well as the Gonzalez DNA Surname Project and the BEMIS Y-Chromosome DNA Surname Project at Family Tree DNA. An avid genealogist, he is also a TV director, author, and animal rights advocate.

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Adam Brown

Adam Brown is a community leader, genealogist, and genetic genealogist. One of the early members of the Jewish genetic genealogy community, he is the administrator of the Avotaynu DNA project and many others. When he isn't busy with genealogy and civic work, he takes part in scientific discovery like his recent trip to the Arctic.

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Ruth Gonzalez

Ruth Gonzalez is the involved with the Voices in Time and mtDNA haplogroup C projects. She is a retired teacher and a genealogist. She lives with her husband and her Morkie. View of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, Wikipedia Question: Please tell me about yourself. What do you do for a living? Answer: I am [...]

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Carol Vass

Carol Vass is a genealogist and project administrator. Outside of genealogy, she is a mother and worked in personnel and art advocacy. Carol and her husband Sam were two of my first friends in the genetic genealogy community. They were invaluable for both knowledge and kindness. Though Sam is gone, Carol continues to help others [...]

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Dr Ian Logan

Dr. Ian Logan is a retired physician. He is well known in the genetic genealogy community for his work on mtDNA. His website includes background information on mtDNA, instructions for donating your own results to Genbank, and most recently information on the Zika virus. Dr. Ian Logan Question: Please tell me about yourself. [...]

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