On being a haplogroup project admin, part 1

For those who wonder how we haplogroup admins spend our time, right now I am copying all of the 'unnamed variants' from the 250 completed Big Ys into a spreadsheet. I want to start from a fresh spreadsheet as FTDNA has adjusted calls during the bld38 update process. I am on number 80 of 250.

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Announcing the Y-DNA – Applied Genealogy & Paternal Origins Facebook Group

On the 11th, I put together a Facebook group for Y-DNA, then I held off on pushing it live. I was not 100% sure what direction I wanted it to take. While waiting, I have discovered two things. First, the genetic genealogy community is ready to embrace NexGen type Y-DNA testing like Family Tree DNA's Big Y. Second, more than ever, new and even experienced community members are confused about what Y-DNA testing can do for their genealogy and the meaning of the jargon.

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