The Encyclopedia of mtDNA Origins – Background and Summary Information

Continuing from my first post on the Encyclopedia of mtDNA Origins... After learning the basics of using the Pods framework to create custom post types, custom fields, and templates to present them on webpages, I decided to create an mtDNA stories custom post type. For those who don't know Wordpress, post types are different types of web pages. All pages of the same type share a common set of fields and features. Creating a type lets one add additional parts that only make sense for some pages.

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The Encyclopedia of mtDNA Origins – A spark

The Encyclopedia of mtDNA Origins began as a idea of what the average person sought in their mtDNA results. In 2011 and early 2012, I was working with National Geographic to produce the research and text for the Geno 2.0 launch. It was a seemingly endless flurry of activity. The project took place across three moves and four homes: Virginia, Northern California, Kentucky, and finally Texas. I wrote over 400 pages of text. Much of what we talked about going into the project was completed. Some had to be set aside. Then it was complete.

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Coming updates from Family Tree DNA! 25 May 2016

The message below was sent to Family Tree DNA Project Administrators today. It looks like they are starting to roll out the requests submitted through the ISOGG Wiki. Dear Group Administrators, You asked for it – we listened! As you may have read in some of the genetic genealogy community blogs, we’ve made some adjustments [...]

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The Q-L245 SNP Pack – Update 2

A little over four months ago, the Q-L245 SNP Pack launched at Family Tree DNA. It was the product of years of advanced testing followed by months of SNP selection. Here are the first results from the Y-DNA Q project. Many thanks to my project co-administrators and all project members for making this possible. Background [...]

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The Q-L245 SNP Pack – Update 1

During the BETA launch of the new Q-L245 SNP Pack panel over 50 people ordered. This is wonderful. We expect to discover many new things even with this first group. I have already learned more about what project members do and don’t know about their test results. For me, addressing this is one of the [...]

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The Q-L245 SNP Pack

Dear Qs, Most of you will have received an e-mail this morning about the new Q-L245 SNP Pack at Family Tree DNA. This has been a work of many months. The Names Behind the Work (With Gratitude) First, I would like to acknowledge the group whose efforts went into the Q-L245 SNP Pack’s creation. At [...]

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Q-PF3805: Home from the Sea & Home from the hill

Simply put, Q-PF3805 is a new male lineage branch of the tree under Q-Z780. Such brevity though masks the story of how we came to know it, and much of its value is in the story. I was once asked by a project member to explain the point in Y-DNA testing. He suggested that it [...]

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Travel Plans: The Flight of Miss Clavel

I am polishing up my travel plans for the Institute for Genetic Genealogy conference in DC next month, and thought you dear readers could use a vacation from Y-DNA Q talk. Here then is the story of how I came to be put off of an airplane as known to only a few of my [...]

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Q-L191: Chihuahua State, Mexico

Q-L191 was another gift-marker. Like Q-L456, it was found during a Sanger SNP test for another marker. Unfortunately for the project, it took us many months and many more L191 results to discover just which Q-M346 population it joined. The project still has only three members who are positive. All trace their origins to Chihuahua State, Mexico.

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BIG Y Progress in the Q-M242 Project

Big Y progress and testing in the Q-M242 project is going exceptionally well. So far, we have results for 34 men. Kit Surname Project Subgroup 53601 Jackson F1096 > M25 | Q-M25 180029 Cwiklak F1096 > M25 > L712 | Q-L712 53682 Litke L275 > M378 | Q-M378 (DYS454=12) 303617 Kinas L275 > M378 > [...]

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