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Disallowing Proxy and VPN Traffic

I regret having to write that I am no longer allowing PROXY and VPN traffic to the Haplogroup website. Over the past two years the amount of automated ‘bot’ traffic to the site has placed a sever strain on my resources. I do not think this will impact most of my project members. If it does though, please send me the information for the PROXY or VPN you use. I will gladly add you to the whitelist.

Laura's Lost Pet Services

Laura’s #GivingTuesday Fundraiser for Laura’s Lost Pet Services, Inc.

Giving Tuesday has come to follow Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is a chance to return to our Thankful celebration of what we have by helping others. This year, I am helping my friend Laura Weitner. Laura is raising funds for her non-profit lost pet finding service. Laura has her own pets, a job, and family. Every day though she helps people in her community find their lost animals. She does this out of kindness and love of animals. She also helps capture and rehabilitate the homeless ‘neighborhood dogs’ of West Virginia. This work often involves long nights waiting for a dog to enter a humane trap and potential bites.

H & HV mtDNA Project - 5 July.

mtDNA H & HV Project – Weekly Update 5 July 2018

I am going to keep things short this week, because I think the one topic I am covering is really important for us to understand. I am looking at the country of origin data for the project. This shows one of the limitations of the project and the FTDNA matching database.

H & HV mtDNA Project News Issue 2

mtDNA H & HV Project – Weekly Update 17 June 2018

Work continues on updating subgroup names. I now have all subgroups renamed to show their path from HV to the correct branch on the tree. I am now adding the defining variants (sometimes called mutations) for each branch and the age of the branch where known.

mtDNA H & HV Project News 6/8/18

mtDNA H & HV Project – Weekly Update 8 June 2018

This is Rebekah Canada from the H & HV mtDNA Project. For those who don’t know me, I have included a short biography below. I checked in on the project late last month and soon realized that there were over 5,000 people un-grouped in the project. As Robert A. Heinlein said, the roads must roll. Thus, I am back for a little bit at least. As of today, all project members are now in mtDNA subgroups. I am working to update the names of subgroups to be more useful. When I am done, they will include…