A look at FTDNA Y-DNA Testing

This week Brad Larkin wrote a very nice post about the distribution of samples on the Y-DNA tree by country. In it, he looks at many factors including world populations by country. I was really enjoying it until I got to one small paragraph about Y-DNA Q.

PCA Based Ethnic Origins – Part 2, What it was meant for

Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is at times used as a population analysis method. It was designed to show the computed similarities and especially differences between and within data sets. The data sets could come from anything such as shopping patterns, books read, or favorite TV shows. The key is that some groups will be more alike and others less alike.

A letter from Bennett Greenspan, FamilyTreeDNA Founder

The following email was sent out by FTDNA this afternoon, 3 Feb 2018. In it, I find something deeply good, that is a true commitment to work toward improving communication with customers. In my long and passionate adventure in genetic genealogy, lack of customer communication has been the nagging aching stumbling point. Thus, I must say this sparks joy in my heart.

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