Announcement 2: Information For Ysearch and Mitosearch Members

Family Tree DNA sent out the following email on the evening of the 18th. Please keep in mind that although the two public databases are being shut down there will not be a direct impact on your FTDNA test results, matching, or project participation.

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Announcement FTDNA Admin GDPR 2: Group Project Updates about the General Data Protection Regulations

Family Tree DNA sent the following information out to project administrators on the 15th. One of the most important changes that is being folded in with the GDPR updates is that new project members will have to change the default setting after they join a project to allow the project administrator to impersonate into their kit. This is important for doing things like downloading the CSV file of BIG Y500 STR results.

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Announcement: Family Tree DNA Will Close YSearch & MitoSearch

Family Tree DNA's plans to shut down both YSearch and MitoSearch were announced in the FTDNA Forums by Darren on the 10th. While both sites have needed updating for a long time, they have provided a valuable service to the community.

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Announcement: World Families is Retiring

Terry and Marilyn Barton sent this email out to project administrators this evening. Please join me in thanking them for their many years of service to the genetic genealogy community. This is a message to all Administrators and Co-Administrators who have a WorldFamilies project site. We are both excited and saddened to announce our retirement [...]

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Announcement FTDNA Admin GDPR 1: Updates to Account Settings

Family Tree DNA sent this message out to project administrators and co-administrators on April 9th. Once they finish their site updates, I will go over them as tutorials. I deeply believe that it is important for those who take part in group projects to understand both what project administrators can and cannot see as part of project access to their accounts.

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David Cannady in the U.S. Federal Census

My search for descendants of David Cannady of Livingston county and McCracken county in Kentucky begins with looking at the records for him in the federal census. This search is a key part in my 2018 goals for Big Y DNA testing and the CANADA surname branch of my family.

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Y-DNA Testing Strategy – Case 1, the Kennedy-Cannaday-Canada Family of Western Kentucky

One of the most important truths of genetic genealogy is that successes do not happen on their own. Genealogists plan them. Unless you are adopted or have an unknown paternity on your paternal line, the best practice for Y-chromosome DNA genealogy is testing of targeted people combined with traditional genealogy.

Announcing the Y-DNA – Applied Genealogy & Paternal Origins Facebook Group

On the 11th, I put together a Facebook group for Y-DNA, then I held off on pushing it live. I was not 100% sure what direction I wanted it to take. While waiting, I have discovered two things. First, the genetic genealogy community is ready to embrace NexGen type Y-DNA testing like Family Tree DNA's Big Y. Second, more than ever, new and even experienced community members are confused about what Y-DNA testing can do for their genealogy and the meaning of the jargon.

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Y-DNA Trees and How They Grow

We just covered how the Y Chromosome Consortium formed and in 2002 published a united tree for the paternal Y-chromosome tree. The other thing they outlined in their 2002 paper was the ways the tree can change over time. Today's post will go over these.

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