New England Colonist Weekly Update – 18 Sep 2018

Now that we are past the FTDNA summer sale, I will return to weekly project updates. This weeks' are pretty exciting. Martin Hendrix has joined the project as a co-administrator. He is helping to update Y-DNA and mtDNA chart subgrouping.

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Nordic Y-DNA Weekly News – 10 Aug 2018

Hello Everyone, The project continues to grow, and it is wonderful to see geographic discoveries begin to come forward. This weeks find was made by Harald Alvestrand. Below are the counts for each major Y-DNA branch in the project for counties in Norway. In almost all cases, the ratio between the two major groups I [...]

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FTDNA Summer Sale 2018 – Ends August 31, 2018

Family Tree DNA's Summer Sale this year includes offers for both new kits and for upgrades. Upgrades First on the list for many of us are the options for Big Y upgrades. Updated for FLASH sale. Upgrades to Big Y-500 Test Standard Price Discount Amount Sale Price Y12 - Big Y 500 $629 $180 $449 [...]

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Stanfa of Caccamo, Palermo, Sicily – The Q-BZ1 I Call My Own

There are two Italian 'sides' to my family tree. My mother's father's people come from Northern Italy. My father's mother's people come from the Palermo province in Sicily. In the Palermo province of Sicily is the medieval mountain town of Caccamo.

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DNA and Canadian Immigration Law – Bad DNA Science

A recent article in the news raises concerns about how our genetic data may be used. It seems that Canadian Immigrations Officials are using DNA submitted to the Family Tree DNA database as part of their evidence in immigration cases. This is clearly bad DNA science.

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mtDNA H & HV Project – Weekly Update 5 July 2018

I am going to keep things short this week, because I think the one topic I am covering is really important for us to understand. I am looking at the country of origin data for the project. This shows one of the limitations of the project and the FTDNA matching database.

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