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Use GEDMatch ‘One-to-one’ comparisons

The GEDMatch ‘One-to-one’ compare page allows you to compare your results to one other person in the GEDMatch database. Before starting this tutorial, you should have a GEDMatch account and have uploaded a DNA data file. Step 1 Go to the GEDMatch website. Login to your account by entering your email and password and by …

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Use GEDMatch ‘One-to-many’ matches

The GEDMatch ‘One-to-many’ matches page shows who you match in the GEDMatch database and the amount of autosomal DNA and X-chromosome DNA you share with them.

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Upload a GEDCOM File to GEDMatch

GEDMatch has the ability to link family trees and has several useful tools to compare trees between matches. Once you have your GEDMatch account set up and autosomal data files added, the next step is adding a tree. To add your tree to GEDMatch, you upload a GEDCOM file.

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Upload a file to GEDMatch

Once yoOnce you have created a GEDMatch account, you can upload one or more autosomal DNA files. This will allow you to match against the GEDMatch database and use GEDMatch’s tools.

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Create a GEDMatch Account

GEDMatch is a 3rd party tool site for autosomal DNA. It allows matching between multiple DNA testing companies. It also has tools that are not found elsewhere.


Create a Gencove Account

Gencove is a DNA testing service created by Tomaz Berisa, Kaja Wasik, and Joe Pickrell. You can join either by uploading your autosomal DNA results from another testing company (FTDNA, 23andMe, Ancestry, GenesforGood) or by ordering a DNA test from Gencove.

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Extracting 23andMe Files

23andMe raw data files are downloaded in the ZIP format. This is how you extract them for use by some 3rd party sites like James Lick’s mtDNA page.

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Download 23andMe Results

Many 3rd party utilities need you to download your results from 23andMe to use them.

Order a Y-DNA SNP Pack

These instructions are for ordering one of the new FTDNA SNP Packs if you are already an FTDNA customer. Note that SNP Packs are for males, as they test that handy Y-Chromosome that only men have.* 1) Login to your FTDNA account. 2) Click on the blue upgrade button at the top right of …

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Chromosome Mapper by Kitty Cooper – First Look

Kitty Cooper has launched her Chromosome Mapper tool page. This useful tool allows you to color code DNA segments you share with cousins once you have determined your common ancestor. This post covers the basics of using it.