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British Quakers DNA Weekly News – 2 July 2018


This is Rebekah Canada with the British Quakers DNA project. This week’s news is brief. The most important part is updating your account settings to address the new privacy settings. It is important for this project that we have “Grant Limited Access” as our access level.

Project Statistics

Total Members: 350
Y-DNA12: 289
Y-DNA25: 267
Y-DNA37: 260
Y-DNA67: 178
Y-DNA111: 83
Big Y: 34
mtDNA: 166
mtDNA Full Sequence (mtGenome): 107

New Project Information Links

I have updated the project Welcome Email, and wanted to share with these with the rest of you as well.

Project Privacy Settings
I have put together a document on how to quickly update your settings for the project. It is here. Please grant us the “Grant Limited Access” level of access.

If you would like email updates about the project, please sign up for one or more newsletters here.

Introduction to mtDNA Testing for Genealogy
I have written a short introduction to mtDNA testing for genealogy. It is here.

Introduction to Y-DNA Testing for Genealogy
I have written a short introduction to Y-DNA testing for genealogy. It is here.

Depending on my schedule, it can take up to a week to be added to a subgroup in the project. I will be contacting you about your direct male and direct female lineages.

mtDNA Results
Once you have updated your project settings, your mtDNA results (if you have them) will be here.

Y-DNA Results
Once you have updated your project settings, your Y-DNA results (if you have them) will be here.

We also have useful mtDNA maps here and Y-DNA maps here.

Activity Feed
Meanwhile, please join us in the group Activity Feed.

There is a list of useful links for project members here.

Code of Conduct
The project’s code of conduct is here.

Kind regards,
Rebekah A. Canada
Volunteer Administrator Family Tree DNA

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