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TALK: Using DNA to Answer Your Genealogical Puzzle – Bennett Greenspan @ GHJGS

DNA has played an increasingly important role in medicine, criminal work, and our own personal genealogical story. There are 3 different types of DNA tests that can be employed to learn things about yourself that you can’t determine simply by looking in a mirror.

The Curious Origin of mtDNA Haplogroup B2 in the Americas

Since the publication of Paternal origin of Paleo-Indians in Siberia: insights from Y-chromosome sequences I have found myself contemplating the migration or migration of maternal lineages to the Americas. Generally, researchers have considered the timing to be deep, around 18,000 years ago.

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mtDNA H & HV Project – Weekly Update 10 Oct 2018

Good afternoon, It is a thrilling day to be working with mtDNA for personal ancestry and genealogy. Family Tree DNA has just released their new public mtDNA tree. Project Stats mtDNA 11846 mtDNA Plus 9572 mtDNA Full Sequence 7313 FTDNA Forums Update Family Tree DNA recently updated their forums software. If you have not visited [...]

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In Reply to a Family Tree DNA Administrator Asking for Advanced Access

This morning, I got a bulk email from FTDNA about admin access. Advanced Access is not approximately what project administrators had prior to May 24, 2018. No, I am not granting Advanced access.

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New England Colonist Weekly Update – 18 Sep 2018

Now that we are past the FTDNA summer sale, I will return to weekly project updates. This weeks' are pretty exciting. Martin Hendrix has joined the project as a co-administrator. He is helping to update Y-DNA and mtDNA chart subgrouping.

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