Affiliate and Business Relationship Disclosures

Aside from authoring this blog, Rebekah A. Canada has both business and affiliate relationships with some of the companies to whom she links.

First, what she does not do.

  • Accept free tests and products for evaluation or as gifts.
  • Accept free conference attendance or transportation reimbursement except as part of a speaker compensation package.
  • Say nice things about anyone who does not deserve it.
  • Say nice things about products that do not deserve it.

Second, business relationships.

Rebekah is an administrator of projects at FamilyTreeDNA. However, her opinions expressed on this blog are purely her own. That being said, she may be required to censor her thoughts and opinions by FamilyTreeDNA staff. Where she has been asked to do that, she will have a disclaimer at the top of the page.

Third, research relationships.

Rebekah has in the past and may in the future collaborate with some of the authors of academic peer-reviewed research articles. When she does so, her name usually appears as a co-author or in the publication acknowledgments. She may act as a peer reviewer in academic and genealogy journals. As a reviewer, her work is anonymous to prevent bias. She does not accept payment for academic authorship or as a reviewer.

Fourth, charities.

Rebekah encourages donations to her favorite charities. These are One by One Animal Advocates, The Paws Squad, and Avotaynu. She is not paid for linking to their sites. Nor does she have a business relationship with them.

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