About Rebekah Canada and this Site

Rebekah Canada fell in love with genealogy when she was seven. It began with a family history written by one of her maternal cousins. Over the months and many bags of pogan ginger cookies, she fell in love with the women of Colonial New England. While working on her undergraduate degree, she began researching the other branches of her family.

Along the way, she discovered DNA testing. She soon found herself in the middle of project administration and the need for clear explanations of tests and results. By the time she received her B.S. in Computer Information Systems, she was far more interested in genetic code than computer code.

Her current interests include: her personal genealogy, minority population heritage, personal genomics education, and project administration best practices. A full list is at rebekahcanada.com.

Rebekah Canada’s Genealogy

Genealogy traces our ancestors and their descendants along rambling paths. There are no beginnings and few endings. Birth follows parents’ relationships. What comes after is a weaving of experiences, events, and documents. Death, far from being the end, begets more documents and often family gatherings. The genealogist must bring all of these together and rebuild not only each individual but their family and community connections.

Rebekah Canada’s Consulting

New clients are not being accepted at this time.

Rebekah Canada provides consulting for both traditional genealogy and personal genetic ancestry. Rates are:

  • Personal Genetic Ancestry
    • $100 for the initial 1 hour consult.
    • $500 for a 4 hour block of time or $125 per hour for any hourly block of time over 4 hours.
  • Traditional Genealogy
    • $125 for the initial 1 hour consult.
    • $500 for a 4 hour block of time or $125 per hour for any hourly block of time over 4 hours.
    • Records lookups (Clayton Library): $12 per document plus copy fees.

Pre-test Consult

Pre-testing consultation is intended for those who have an interest in DNA testing to solve a personal ancestry or genealogy problem but are not sure of the right test or the right people to test. It is intended to prevent the biggest money waster, ordering the wrong test for the wrong person. Consultations usually include:

  • Evaluation of a specific question.
  • Analysis of genealogical records.
  • Consultation by e-mail or phone.
  • A testing recommendation.
  • If recommended tests are ordered through a preferred provider, a 10 to 20 minute follow-up consultation.


4 thoughts on “About Rebekah Canada and this Site”

  1. Hello
    I tested Y-DNA67 at familytreedna.com and got the result: “Your Confirmed Haplogroup is J-Y7708” My family history says we are originally from the Arabian peninsula.
    To be honest I have no clue where to go from here!
    Can you please give me any assistance, direction or advise?
    I will be so greatful

    *** Currently in Kuwait

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