A Q-Z780 (Q-CTS1780) BIG Y

When the Geno 2.0 product launched in 2012, many nascent branches were added to the Q-M242 tree. Some proved to be true and reliable. Others were shown with time to be less reliable and were removed at the project’s request.

One branch that was removed is Q-L66 under the Native Americas Q-Z780 branch. Though L66 is not a reliable marker, there were hints that those in Q who tested positive for it were from a North American Southwestern and Central American branch of Q-Z780. Thus, it is suspected that they may be linked to the Anzick child (Anzick1). From secondary analysis at YFull, we know that the Anzick child belongs to the Q-FGC47532 branch under Q-Z780.

Thanks to contributions to the project, we will be BIG Y testing a project member (Cardoza kit 29068) who is L66+. This will help us discover Y-SNP markers that reliably define this match. It will also allow us to find how recently the line is connected to the Anzick child.

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