23andMe Ancestral Origins Update 2019

23andMe – New Ancestry Reports 2019

Here we go again. It is 2019, and 23andMe has sent out an email letting me know they have once again updated my DNA results to compare to 1000+ world populations.

My results are below followed by 23andMe’s email. What I can tell you is that they are still really most sincerely wrong. On the plus side though, I once more have that Snazzy Sub-Saharan African % that Dr. Doug McDonald identified in 2010.

23andMe Ancestral Origins Update 2019

Discover More About Your Ancestry Than Ever Before

Our scientists are committed to continually improving the accuracy and specificity of your ancestry results. To celebrate the new year, we’re providing the most refined view of your ancestry we’ve ever been able to offer.

Now Included in Ancestry Composition
With 33 new Ancestry Detail Reports, we’ve dramatically increased the coverage of the popular Ancestry Composition analysis. We’ve also included nine additional populations in Africa and four more in East Asia. View interactive maps of your ancestry by region, beautiful photographs, and stories about culture, language, food, and more.

Your DNA Relatives on a Map
Ever browsed your DNA Relatives list and wondered where in the wide world your extended family calls home? Now, you can interact with a personalized map that shows where your DNA relatives live, from close-to-home to distant locales.

More Ways to Explore
We’ve also improved how you access your ancestry reports with an easy-to-navigate hub for your results, which you’ll see the next time you log in via your computer or the mobile app.

4 thoughts on “23andMe – New Ancestry Reports 2019”

  1. Rostislavs Nevdahs

    I can imagine that some minor details can be wrong, but the biggest part must be correct. Don’t you have French ancestry ?

  2. I to have DNA from 23andme, and found where they are giving me french and german, I dug a little deeper, it seems that it is French and German from Switzerland. I also noted the Sub Saharan, and of course dug deeper, it seems both of these calls come from England. For me and the timeline, it coincided with war, government, or just a british population in that area at that time. Mine states there is no French from France and no German from Germany but both are from Switzerland. Not sure if that will help you.

    1. I am not the least bit surprised by my results at any of the companies. I fully understand why they are getting the results and why they are junk science. There is methodology, but it is not a good use of the science.

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