FTDNA Settings – Sharing mtDNA Coding Region Results with Group Administrators

FamilyTreeDNA allows you to set if you wish to share your mtDNA Coding Region results with group project administrators. You set it per project. To share, follow these steps:

1) Go to the FamilyTreeDNA website. Click the SIGN IN to myFTDNA link at the top right.

2) Sign in to your account. Note that you need to do it directly and not through group administrator login ID.

3) On the myFTDNA Dashboard, click the Privacy Settings link.

4) The Privacy & Sharing page has many options. Scroll down to the My DNA Results section.

5) Next to the question, Who can view my mtDNA Coding Region mutations?, click on the words Only You.

6) Select the projects with which you wish to share your Coding Region results, and click Save.

7) The setting will now show that you are sharing with Project Administrators.

Note: Before sharing with a project, it is a good idea to talk with project administrators about how they will use your results.

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