Y-DNA Haplogroup Q Project Update

It is the 16th of August 2017. As I write this, I am trying to find the words to convey just what it means to do Y-DNA testing today. I have brought this up in the project activity feed, but I am going to repeat it here. We are the bleeding edge of Y-Chromosome personal ancestry and population genetics.

We are far enough ahead of most academic research that most of the branches on the Q-M242 tree do not have anything published about them. We, as a project, have found them. What we can say about them is what you, the participants can tell us. Watching the tree expand gives me a sense of personal satisfaction. Much more though, the responsibility of moving research forward fills me with trepidation and humility.

In the past few months, we have gained much information from new test results. We in team leadership are working to create useful information from that.

As of today, the project has:
Y-DNA12: 1539
Y-DNA25: 1221
Y-DNA37: 1174
Y-DNA67: 727
Y-DNA111: 245
Q-M242 Backbone SNP Pack: 125
Q-L245 SNP Pack: 109
Big Y: 228
Total Members: 1677

FamilyTreeDNA Sale

FamilyTreeDNA is having a sale through August 31st. I have written about the details and made a few recommendations here.

General Fund

General Fund spending reflects the accelerating rate of research and discovery over the past eleven years. This is our spending in past years.


2017 spending so far this year is $15,169.00 USD.

As of today, the project General Fund has $692.34 USD. Part of that is reserved to pay for testing on the Peruvian Q-M120 sample.

BIG Y Testing

There are 211 BIG Ys completed and an additional seventeen pending. I have written an update about progress here.

Q-Backbone SNP Pack Testing

There are 125 Q-Backbone tests completed. I have written an update here.

Q-L245 SNP Pack Testing

We now have 109 completed Q-L245 SNP Pack orders. I have written an update here.

Rebekah Canada and the Q-M242 team

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