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Who were the Paleo-Eskimo Saqqaq?

Who were the Paleo-Eskimo Saqqaq?

Author(s): Gurianov, Vladimir M.
Journal: Vavilov Institute of General Genetics
Issue/Volume: Conference Paper
Page(s): -
Year: 2015


Complete sequencing Y-chromosome data from four samples from Koryak village of Evensk North Eastern District Magadan region (KrkG11, KrkG13, KrkG14, KrkG55). The four samples have 37 SNPs in common with the paleo-Eskimo sample. The resulting subclade has been assigned the label Q-YP1500 / YP11467-YP1503 in the YFull service experimental tree. Thus, the structure of Q-F746 subclades is as follows: Q-F746 / NWT01 ……….Q-YP1500 / YP1467-YP1503 (Paleo-Eskimo and Koryak Saqqaq) ……….Q-M120

Source Link: http://www.academia.edu/25858687/Who_were_the_Paleo-Eskimo_Saqqaq


Peoples: Koryak | Places: | Topics: | DNA Type: Y-DNA

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