//The Etruscan timeline: a recent Anatolian connection

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The Etruscan timeline: a recent Anatolian connection

The Etruscan timeline: a recent Anatolian connection

Author(s): Brisighelli, F., Capelli, C., Alvarez-Iglesias, V., Onofri, V., Paoli, G., Tofanelli, S., Carracedo, A., Pascali, V.L. and Salas, A.
Journal: European Journal of Human Genetics
Issue/Volume: 17(5)
Page(s): 693-696
Year: 2009


The origin of the Etruscans (the present day Tuscany, Italy), one of the most enigmatic non-Indo-European civilizations, is under intense controversy. We found novel genetic evidences on the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) establishing a genetic link between Anatolia and the ancient Etruria. By way of complete mtDNA genome sequencing of a novel autochthonous Tuscan branch of haplogroup U7 (namely U7a2a), we have estimated an historical time frame for the arrival of Anatolian lineages to Tuscany ranging from 1.1±0.1 to 2.3±0.4 kya B.P.

Source Link: http://www.nature.com/ejhg/journal/v17/n5/full/ejhg2008224a.html


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