//On the paternal heritage of the Bantu expansion in Southeast Africa

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On the paternal heritage of the Bantu expansion in Southeast Africa

On the paternal heritage of the Bantu expansion in Southeast Africa

Author(s): Rowold, D.J., Perez-Benedico, D., Stojkovic, O., Garcia-Bertrand, R. and Herrera, R.J.
Journal: Gene
Issue/Volume: in press
Page(s): in press
Year: 2016


Here we report the results of fine resolution Y chromosomal analyses (Y-SNP and Y-STR) of 267 Bantu-speaking males from three populations located in the southeast region of Africa. In an effort to determine the relative Y chromosomal affinities of these three genotyped populations, the findings are interpreted in the context of 74 geographically and ethnically targeted African reference populations representing four major ethno-linguistic groups (Afro-Asiatic, Niger Kordofanin, Khoisan and Pygmoid). In this investigation, we detected a general similarity in the Y chromosome lineages among the geographically dispersed Bantu-speaking populations suggesting a shared heritage and the shallow time depth of the Bantu Expansion. Also, micro-variations in the Bantu Y chromosomal composition across the continent highlight location-specific gene flow patterns with non-Bantu-speaking populations (Khoisan, Pygmy, Afro-Asiatic). Our Y chromosomal results also indicate that the three Bantu-speaking Southeast populations genotyped exhibit unique gene flow patterns involving Eurasian populations but fail to reveal a prevailing genetic affinity to East or Central African Bantu-speaking groups. In addition, the Y-SNP data underscores a longitudinal partitioning in sub-Sahara Africa of two R1b1 subgroups, R1b1-P25* (west) and R1b1a2-M269 (east). No evidence was observed linking the B2a haplogroup detected in the genotyped Southeast African Bantu-speaking populations to gene flow from contemporary Khoisan groups.

Source Link: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0378111916305704


Peoples: Bantu | Places: Southeast Africa | Topics: Afro-Asiatic, Bantu expansion, Gene flow, Khoisan, Niger Kordofanin, and Pygmoid | DNA Type: Y-DNA

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