//Haplotype diversity in mitochondrial genome in a Chinese Han population

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Haplotype diversity in mitochondrial genome in a Chinese Han population

Haplotype diversity in mitochondrial genome in a Chinese Han population

Author(s): K Ma, H Li, Y Cao, X Zhao, W Liu, X Zhao
Journal: Journal Human Genetics
Issue/Volume: In press
Page(s): In press
Year: 2016


Investigations into the use of mitochondrial genome (mtGenome) typing by massively parallel sequencing technologies are well underway in many areas, including forensic genetics. Previous studies have demonstrated that mtGenome sequencing data generated from Ion torrent personal genome machine (PGM) system were highly viable and reliable in forensic research. In this study, 145 whole mtGenomes from unrelated Chinese Han population were sequenced using the Ion PGM system. Results showed that 145 distinct haplotypes were obtained at a relatively high coverage with limited strand bias. The distribution of variants across the entire mtGenomes was illustrated and 70.74% of the variants were observed outside of the control region. An overall increase in the number of unique haplotypes as well as haplotype diversity were observed by detection of mtGenome compared with hypervariable region I/II (HV I/II) and control region (CR). This study demonstrates the substantially higher degree of haplotype resolution with whole-mtGenome sequences in comparison to HV I/II or CR that historically targeted for forensic testing, which shows the potential value of mtGenome typing in forensic testing in the future.

Source Link: http://www.nature.com/jhg/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/jhg201674a.html


Peoples: Chinese Han | Places: China | Topics: Ion torrent personal genome machine | DNA Type: mtDNA

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