Q-L191: Chihuahua State, Mexico

Q-L191 was another gift-marker. Like Q-L456, it was found during a Sanger SNP test for another marker. Unfortunately for the project, it took us many months and many more L191 results to discover just which Q-M346 population it joined. The project still has only three members who are positive. All trace their origins to Chihuahua State, Mexico.

From individual SNP testing confirmed by the National Geographic Genographic Project’s newest tree, we know that Q-L191 falls under Q-Z780. We are waiting on BIG Y results to show just how it fits with Q-Z780’s other subclades.

  • Q-M346
    • Q-L53
      • Q-L54
        • Q-L330 (Eurasian)
        • Q-CTS3814
          • Q-CTS11969
          • Q-Z780 (Native American)
            • Q-L191
    • Q-L940

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