New Y-DNA Haplogroup Q Backbone SNP Pack

DNA testing in a citizen science project like the Q-M242 Haplogroup project must be both progressive and pragmatic. Testing is progressive when it uses new technologies like BIG Y and advanced SNP packs to discover and explore new branches. It is pragmatic when it recognizes that all cannot afford the price of such tests and finds other options.

The Q-M242 project now has over 200 complete and pending BIG Ys. We have over a 100 results from the Q-L245 SNP Pack. When we began to plan additional SNP Packs though, we realized there was a problem. In a project of over 1,300 tested Y-DNA Qs, almost half were only tested or predicted to be the earliest branch Q-M242. They were not ready to order an advanced SNP Pack. Further, we realized that the expected cost of $119 for a SNP Pack would be too much for many.

Thus, we put together the Q-M242 Backbone SNP Pack and negotiated its price with FamilyTreeDNA. The price will be $39 US.

The following branch points are tested:

I would like to extend my deep appreciation for putting this together to Alessandro Biondo, Vladimir Gurianov, Amy O’Leary, and our friends in the other Q related DNA projects, as well as Michael Sager and Bennett Greenspan at FamilyTreeDNA.

Who Needs It?

The project will be sending messages to those who need it soon. The project has a sponsor who is helping us offer an additional discount on the first 250 orders, so it is important to wait for us to contact you before ordering.

Who Doesn’t Need It?

Men who have:

  • BIG Y results
  • Q-L245 SNP Pack Results
  • Some with Geno 2.0 transfer results
  • You know you are Q-L804 or Q-L527
  • Those who are not haplogroup Q

When can you order it?

FamilyTreeDNA says soon.

As always, thank you for being part of the project.

Rebekah A. Canada & the Q-M242 Team

2 thoughts on “New Y-DNA Haplogroup Q Backbone SNP Pack”

  1. I just got my SNP pack results back, my Haplogroup changed from M242 to Q-L54. I had assumed the test would show I was positive for L804, Nordic likely origin, but no. Some of the sub groupings I show positive for are CTS11350+L528+ L54, m242, meh2, L475.

    My Geno 2.0 test results from earlier this year grouped me in CTS11969, with the lead scientist believing I was likely M3 or L804 likely, but neither seem to be the case. He recommended FTDNA for better refinement of Haplogroup. I do show positive for CTS11969 though in SNP. I am honestly more confused than ever. I had joined the Nordic group, but that seems likely incorrect now. One of my exact matches on the Y37 test I took shares my same last name, and we trace through standard genealogy our common ancestor to an immigrant from England arriving in Mass Bay colony in 1637. One step forward, one step backward?

    1. For L804, you need to order from the single SNP order on the advanced orders page. If you match L804 men, you are going to be L804. It is a very distinctive group.

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