Q-L456: A Northeastern Amerindian Paternal Line

Q-L456 was one of the project’s gift-markers. It was discovered in the process of SNP testing someone for M346 and L213 using traditional Sanger sequencing. For a long time, the project lacked anyone willing to take part in additional testing. Then during the BIG Y pre-sale, a member of the Fox family joined the project [...]

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Q-CTS3814 and Q-CTS11969: Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again

Q-CTS3814 and Q-CTS11969 are two Y-DNA (direct paternal) lineages that are shaking up everything we thought we knew about haplogroup Q in the Americas. As I mentioned in my last post, when the National Geographic Genographic Project launched their Geno 2.0 test, the rush of new data brought many changes to the tree. The most jaw dropping of these was Q-CTS11969.

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