Updating the Native American Q-M3 Tree (P2) – Q-M242 News (6 Nov. 2016)

I am continuing from my previous post about updating the Native American Q-M3 branch of the paternal (Y-DNA) Tree. The team has been busy verifying branches and removing those that are not suitable for inclusion on a stable tree. As outlined before, we are excluding the use of Y-SNPs that are recurrent and branches that are defined only by recurrent Y-SNPs. The new Q-M3 Draft Tree is below.

Q-M242 News (27 Oct. 2016) – Updating the Native American Q-M3 Tree

Today, I write about updating the Native American Q branch, Q-M3. Today, I write about updating the Native American Q branch, Q-M3. Q-M3 is the best known and highest frequency branch of Y-DNA haplogroup Q. Members of it reach from the Eskimo like peoples of far North Eastern Asia across the sea to Canada and throughout both North and South America. As such, it is a vital tool for understanding the histories and peoples of the Americas. Until the past few years though, little had been done to discover and investigate its branches.

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The Q-L245 SNP Pack – Update 2

A little over four months ago, the Q-L245 SNP Pack launched at Family Tree DNA. It was the product of years of advanced testing followed by months of SNP selection. Here are the first results from the Y-DNA Q project. Many thanks to my project co-administrators and all project members for making this possible. Background [...]

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The Q-L245 SNP Pack – Update 1

During the BETA launch of the new Q-L245 SNP Pack panel over 50 people ordered. This is wonderful. We expect to discover many new things even with this first group. I have already learned more about what project members do and don’t know about their test results. For me, addressing this is one of the [...]

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The Q-L245 SNP Pack

Dear Qs, Most of you will have received an e-mail this morning about the new Q-L245 SNP Pack at Family Tree DNA. This has been a work of many months. The Names Behind the Work (With Gratitude) First, I would like to acknowledge the group whose efforts went into the Q-L245 SNP Pack’s creation. At [...]

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Q-PF3805: Home from the Sea & Home from the hill

Simply put, Q-PF3805 is a new male lineage branch of the tree under Q-Z780. Such brevity though masks the story of how we came to know it, and much of its value is in the story. I was once asked by a project member to explain the point in Y-DNA testing. He suggested that it [...]

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