Coursera: To Screen or not to Screen? Methods and health policies through case studies

Coursera has relaunched their seven week class on screening for physical and mental health. The next session starts November 20, so get ready to sign up and learn. Like most Coursera classes, this one is free to audit.

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Rockstar Genealogist Nominations are Open

It is time again to blast off with the annual 'Rockstar' genealogist competition on the Canada's Anglo-Celtic blog. Nominations are fortunately open still, so we have time to look at genetic genealogists who should be listed and are not. Please join me in asking John Reid to add a few more of these awesome rockers [...]

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DNA Survey – Small DNA Segments

DNA Segments and their reliability for identifying DNA shared between descendants of a common ancestor are central to autosomal genetic genealogy. It is generally accepted that as the size of a DNA Segment decreases its likely reliability also decreases and the likelihood that it is a false positive increases. Thus, the subject of Small DNA Segments is a controversial and important topic.

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Family Tree DNA – Friends & Family Sale (OK, we all know it is the Sizzling Summer Sale.)

It is time again for Family Tree DNA's mid-summer sale.  This year the sale runs from August 1st through August 31st. That gives us plenty of time to fire up our genealogy software and fire off emails and phone calls to our cousins.

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Student Citizen-Science: Connecting the Jewish Future to Its Past

The Y-DNA Q-M242 Project will be partnering with Avotaynu in 2017 on several research initiatives to expand our knowledge of Jewish Heritage, Genealogy, and the branches of Haplogroup Q found in Jewish Diaspora populations.

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