Order a Y-DNA SNP Pack

These instructions are for ordering one of the new FTDNA SNP Packs if you are already an FTDNA customer. Note that SNP Packs are for males, as they test that handy Y-Chromosome that only men have.* 1) Login to your FTDNA account. https://affiliate.familytreedna.com/idevaffiliate.php?id=598&url=https://www.familytreedna.com/login.aspx 2) Click on the blue upgrade button at the top right of [...]

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Chromosome Mapper by Kitty Cooper – First Look

Kitty Cooper has launched her Chromosome Mapper tool page. This useful tool allows you to color code DNA segments you share with cousins once you have determined your common ancestor. This post covers the basics of using it.

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FTDNA Settings – Sharing mtDNA Coding Region Results with Group Administrators

Family Tree DNA allows you to set if you wish to share your mtDNA Coding Region results with group project administrators. You set it per project. To share, follow these steps...

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