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Updating the Native American Q-M3 Tree (P2) – Q-M242 News (6 Nov. 2016)

I am continuing from my previous post about updating the Native American Q-M3 branch of the paternal (Y-DNA) Tree. The team has been busy verifying branches and removing those that are not suitable for inclusion on a stable tree. As outlined before, we are excluding the use of Y-SNPs that are recurrent and branches that are defined only by recurrent Y-SNPs. The new Q-M3 Draft Tree is below.

Aaron Salles Torres

Aaron Salles Torres is an administrator for the I-M253, I-M223, and the Iberian I1 haplogroup projects as well as the Gonzalez DNA Surname Project and the BEMIS Y-Chromosome DNA Surname Project at Family Tree DNA. An avid genealogist, he is also a TV director, author, and animal rights advocate.

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Q-M242 News (27 Oct. 2016) – Updating the Native American Q-M3 Tree

Today, I write about updating the Native American Q branch, Q-M3. Today, I write about updating the Native American Q branch, Q-M3. Q-M3 is the best known and highest frequency branch of Y-DNA haplogroup Q. Members of it reach from the Eskimo like peoples of far North Eastern Asia across the sea to Canada and throughout both North and South America. As such, it is a vital tool for understanding the histories and peoples of the Americas. Until the past few years though, little had been done to discover and investigate its branches.

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Exploring Microarray Chips

I am starting my first big adventure for the Genetic Genealogy Compendium. Four major genetic genealogy test sellers use microarray chips (Genotyping BeadChips) for products: Ancestry.com, 23andMe, Family Tree DNA, and the National Geographic Genographic Project.

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Ancestry V2 Chip

Background The Ancestry V2 chip is Ancestry.com's second microarray chip. It is a custom version of the Illumina OmniExpress Plus Genotyping BeadChip. Its their current chip. Microarray chips test a small percentage of SNPs on the human genome. Each letter the DNA code for the human genome (A, C, T, or G) is called a base [...]

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