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David Cannady in the U.S. Federal Census

My search for descendants of David Cannady of Livingston county and McCracken county in Kentucky begins with looking at the records for him in the federal census. This search is a key part in my 2018 goals for Big Y DNA testing and the CANADA surname branch of my family.

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Y-DNA Testing Strategy – Case 1, the Kennedy-Cannaday-Canada Family of Western Kentucky

One of the most important truths of genetic genealogy is that successes do not happen on their own. Genealogists plan them. Unless you are adopted or have an unknown paternity on your paternal line, the best practice for Y-chromosome DNA genealogy is testing of targeted people combined with traditional genealogy.

On being a haplogroup project admin, part 1

For those who wonder how we haplogroup admins spend our time, right now I am copying all of the 'unnamed variants' from the 250 completed Big Ys into a spreadsheet. I want to start from a fresh spreadsheet as FTDNA has adjusted calls during the bld38 update process. I am on number 80 of 250.

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YFull Tree – Y-SNP Search for Your Haplogroup

The various DNA testing companies often use different versions of the tree. Even though you have tested onto the same branch at multiple companies, that branch may be named differently at each. This can make it hard to Google for resources about your haplogroup.

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Announcing the Y-DNA – Applied Genealogy & Paternal Origins Facebook Group

On the 11th, I put together a Facebook group for Y-DNA, then I held off on pushing it live. I was not 100% sure what direction I wanted it to take. While waiting, I have discovered two things. First, the genetic genealogy community is ready to embrace NexGen type Y-DNA testing like Family Tree DNA's Big Y. Second, more than ever, new and even experienced community members are confused about what Y-DNA testing can do for their genealogy and the meaning of the jargon.

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