///23andMe V4 Chip

23andMe V4 Chip


The 23andMe V4 chip is 23andMe's fourth microarray chip and is the one now in use. It replaced their V3 chip in November 2013. It is a completely custom Illumina Genotyping BeadChip.

Microarray chips test a small percentage of SNPs on the human genome. Each letter the DNA code for the human genome (A, C, T, or G) is called a base pair. This one tests about 602,300 SNPs.

SNPs per Million Base Pairs – Heatmap

The V4 chip tests about 602,300 base pairs across the human genome. This heatmap shows how those SNPs are distributed across the 22 autosomal chromosomes and the X-chromosome. The ranges are for counts of tested SNPs in blocks of 1 million base pairs.

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